About The Avenue

Although we've been around for a long time, we strive to be a place for people new to church and just trying to figure out life and faith.

A better way to do life.

The Avenue Church exists to inspire you to encounter Jesus and find a better way to do life.

Want to get connected? We can help. Attend a Startup class.

Whether you're brand new or been around for a while. We want to help you get connected. At our Startup class, we'll explore with you to discover more about God, more about you, and more about The Avenue.

Leadership at The Avenue

Executive Leadership Team

David Brown - Senior Pastor
Mark Miller - Executive Pastor of Ministries
Tim Rahman - Executive Pastor of Experience

Answers to a few common questions.

What denomination is The Avenue?

We believe that The Avenue is a church for everyone. We are guided by examples of Jesus’ Church in The New Testament. However, The Avenue Church was founded as a Baptist church, and we still support various Baptist efforts.

How do I become a member?

We don’t have traditional membership in the sense that you “join the church,” but we’d love to help you get connected in a way that The Avenue feels like home. The best way to do that is by attending one of our Startup classes.

I’m LGBTQ. Can I attend The Avenue?

Yes! While Biblical authority is one of our values, we think you’ll find that we’re not a community that throws stones. It’s our hope that you feel welcome and comfortable when you step through our doors.

Is a relationship with God possible?

It shouldn’t be, BUT God loved us enough to make it possible! Check out our values page for more on “salvation.”

What does The Avenue believe about baptism?

We believe that baptism is an act that is done after someone makes a decision to follow Jesus. It is a symbol that represents someone’s commitment to God. To sign up for a baptism or to talk with someone about it, visit our baptism page.

Who makes important decisions at The Avenue?

The Avenue Church is an Elder and Pastor led church. See the section above about leadership.